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We try to score against 16 goal keepers!...
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15. aug.. 2020





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The Random Crew
The Random Crew 4 timer siden
Messi watching right now
Naqeebullah Ali shawkat
You 2 guys are amazing but why the fk those 16 goalkeeper stayed in the middle lol 😂 nice planned
Noisy Boy
Noisy Boy 11 timer siden
This is how many times F2 hit the crossbar 👇. look at the views
JAY GAMING 11 timer siden
Billy look like Beckham
Levi Kaufman
Levi Kaufman 12 timer siden
when the beat drop comes you already know they scored it
Ristha Padayachee
Ristha Padayachee 16 timer siden
why am i doing this?
why am i doing this? 17 timer siden
At the one only with the 1 keeper Them:hit all of them Goalkeeper:saves 1 Them:nice man
WolvesFC_2021 18 timer siden
Is it just me or does Billy look like Chris Pratt in this video
Jessie Lee
Jessie Lee 21 time siden
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fwend and relax
fwend and relax Dag siden
Call me lionel wingrove loo
Ferris West
Ferris West Dag siden
Korn Theeraphalit
God love you in Thailand
TENX 2 dager siden
5:29 ΟΧΙ ΡΕ
Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh 3 dager siden
Put cassilas in goal
Joy Nateshan
Joy Nateshan 3 dager siden
16 Keepers within 16 min
KeanLeo 4 dager siden
mehhh you hardly beat 2 gks. phh
yonatan esayas
yonatan esayas 4 dager siden
you two are very smart
Ilan 6 dager siden
I don't understand the use of the guys un the front of the line😂
Μαρια Ασλαου
Lindemannahrens Dennis
Lindemannahrens Dennis
Das ist cool
Lindemannahrens Dennis
Ziyad Amer
Ziyad Amer 9 dager siden
why they are standing in one pleas
GOG KzrTX 10 dager siden
Hussnia Ghalib Mehr
Hussnia Ghalib Mehr 10 dager siden
Impossible 16 keeper gole it
Hussnia Ghalib Mehr
Hussnia Ghalib Mehr 10 dager siden
Impossible 60 keeper
Aaron Sunar
Aaron Sunar 10 dager siden
Bro is that Billy or Hazard
ICT World-21
ICT World-21 10 dager siden
Oh! may god 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ So so beautiful 😍
Conner Unterreiner
Conner Unterreiner 11 dager siden
Not to take away from these guys fantastic skills, but after a few keepers, just adding more to the middle doesn't increase the difficulty that much. The corners are still wide open. And half the keepers can't see anything haha. Was still impressive and fun to watch.
sazidul alam
sazidul alam 11 dager siden
dewangga hutama adhyaksa
keepers are paid artists
Thembi Nukeri
Thembi Nukeri 12 dager siden
tik tok
Nasir Mokhtar
Nasir Mokhtar 12 dager siden
Octavio Yousif
Octavio Yousif 13 dager siden
You guys are amzaming
مرعب جلادين
مرعب جلادين 13 dager siden
اتمنى اشتراك في قناتي على اليوتيوب
Saud Alhomidan
Saud Alhomidan 13 dager siden
Nell carterr
Nell carterr 13 dager siden
Do 100 keepers
London 13 dager siden
I won't this This is so hard
Armkiller 14 dager siden
That tool tho
Piyali Das
Piyali Das 15 dager siden
This is how many keepers barca needed today to block goals form Mbappe (PSG)
Morekza Sanchez
Morekza Sanchez 15 dager siden
😂🔥💁🏼‍♂️epic crazy challenge ever👌⚽
Sabita Sheet
Sabita Sheet 15 dager siden
Who are watching this in 2021 😘😘
aname alastname
aname alastname 16 dager siden
Top class keepers my ass
Art Core
Art Core 16 dager siden
So sick
Art Core
Art Core 16 dager siden
Man these were born ready
Kshitij Soni
Kshitij Soni 17 dager siden
Bill shots, goalkeeper misses the ball and hit the pole Bill Great save!
Amal Raj sk
Amal Raj sk 18 dager siden
VIJAY RAM 18 dager siden
The goal keepers r confused whether he should stop the ball or others
The Banana God
The Banana God 18 dager siden
This is cool and all but where did you find all of these goalies?😅
Marco pampanini
Marco pampanini 20 dager siden
HÄCHIMAN 20 dager siden
8:00 My friend watching his crush*
Praveen CRIS
Praveen CRIS 20 dager siden
R they using molden ball?
Abdul Gaffar
Abdul Gaffar 21 dag siden
This keepers will be a goalkeeper
Murat Al Hamoudi
Murat Al Hamoudi 21 dag siden
Do the same challenge with bruno fernandes
Jacob Yustine
Jacob Yustine 21 dag siden
😂😂😂 the seventh keeper didn’t make even a single save
chinese collar guy
chinese collar guy 21 dag siden
*Just ended 15 careers* 😂😂
Salman Faris
Salman Faris 22 dager siden
You can challenge vs Beckham,?
GAMING WITH ABI 22 dager siden
Malayali undo
Siji Lijo
Siji Lijo 23 dager siden
Pls come to Kerala blasters
tyronix tiktok shorts
tyronix tiktok shorts 23 dager siden
Wat country r u guys
Santiago Santillan
Santiago Santillan 23 dager siden
Con arqueros de metegol cualquiera los hace
XE Entertainment
XE Entertainment 23 dager siden
Sddd Fbjhy
Sddd Fbjhy 24 dager siden
what are you doing you see yourself study and get job you joking man get job
Sang Art
Sang Art 24 dager siden
Should have invited modern goalkeeping lol
Abdullah Ke Totkey
Abdullah Ke Totkey 24 dager siden
the goalies should have kept a formation
Jesus Nongmaithem
Jesus Nongmaithem 25 dager siden
4:46 keeper are like synchronize robots
Wechete Kupa
Wechete Kupa 25 dager siden
Of 4 keepers stand on the same line it will be impossible to score lmao
Anand Rawat
Anand Rawat 25 dager siden
How much did you pay them ? 😂
London 25 dager siden
Your channel name is very long
Challenge bro's 107
Challenge bro's 107 26 dager siden
Ennit billy looks like eden hazard
Mulkya 14
Mulkya 14 27 dager siden
16 keepers and 16 minutes
AZIS BG 27 dager siden
Its possible if the gk are babies or very short
Frank 04
Frank 04 27 dager siden
Imagine 16 kepas in there!
Samuel Wolk
Samuel Wolk 28 dager siden
منوعات علاوي
منوعات علاوي
منوعات علاوي
منوعات علاوي
الله وكبر
Abrahim 28 dager siden
16 goalies standing in the middle hasn’t so much different with a single one
Amy Lofthouse
Amy Lofthouse 29 dager siden
Sickest footballers I’ve ever seen
luqman maniar
luqman maniar 29 dager siden
Please try the glass chalange of ronlado
luqman maniar
luqman maniar 29 dager siden
I think you are best shotest ability in the world
Bilal Sajid Khan
Bilal Sajid Khan 29 dager siden
Corona be like ._.
Ashton Finn
Ashton Finn 29 dager siden
I love how if Billy/ Jezza put it top bins and the keepers don’t move
Hamza Mohammad
Hamza Mohammad Måned siden
Shoot through 🔥 please
Mohamed S 223
Mohamed S 223 Måned siden
The keepers are dumps they just should make a line and they will defend the goal for sure
EJ Holman
EJ Holman Måned siden
Me thinking these men shoots better than Messi and Ronaldo 😭😭😭😭
Akshat Sathiya
Akshat Sathiya Måned siden
Instead get one pro keeper...this is just chaotic
Röyal Əliyev
Röyal Əliyev Måned siden
arman khalilzadeh
arman khalilzadeh Måned siden
fanymb Måned siden
with 16 goalkeepers is so hard
Ibrahim Alkebsi
Ibrahim Alkebsi Måned siden
I love how all the keepers are resting while 1 keeper is working his butt off
fanymb Måned siden
is to hard for you guys you guys are storng don t give up f2
Zil Plays
Zil Plays Måned siden
The 11th one looks like goalie from kungfu hustle
Binaya OCE_Kami
Binaya OCE_Kami Måned siden
Literally no one: Me: Billy kinda looking like bonucci ngl
Director SBee
Director SBee Måned siden
Christian Bernhardi
Christian Bernhardi Måned siden
Billy is like Harry Kane and loves Jeremy like son
Fetnan Dewagen
Fetnan Dewagen Måned siden
As a keeper I say that the first one wasn’t good because of he’s technic
Diego Mioni
Diego Mioni Måned siden
why are all the keepers in the middle of the goal? Isn't it easier to defend if they were distributed in "areas" of the goal?
Rupa Das
Rupa Das Måned siden
You are a good footballer, please join in a football club please 😅😅😅😁🤔👌👀👌🏽👍🏻👍🏼👋🏽👍🏻
Rupa Das
Rupa Das Måned siden
Join in la liga please 😂😂😀😋😋😅😄
Simply Journey
Simply Journey Måned siden
Roberto Carlos pretty sure smile take a look at this challenge.. 🤣🤣🤣
Ganger 3,3 mill