F2 VS HOT WHEELS - EPIC RACE! 🏎🔥⚽️ | Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch 

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Whats faster???...Hot Wheels or us...
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29. aug.. 2020





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LasagnaLord 7 dager siden
Dr.prakash Madicare
Dr.prakash Madicare 12 dager siden
Kwanchai Chaisawat
Kwanchai Chaisawat 13 dager siden
I am from thailand
C G Måned siden
Messi is the best
Messi is the best 2 måneder siden
Kelly Lauffer
Kelly Lauffer 3 måneder siden
KANTARA 3 måneder siden
Syeda Amina
Syeda Amina 4 måneder siden
Bro I love the tricks you do but I want to be as fast as you you sooooo fast make vedio Billy vs jezza a normal race and one with the ball
Fudboltv 4 måneder siden
lego life
lego life 4 måneder siden
I have the exact same bone shaker
SimplicityKiwan7 4 måneder siden
Does anyone know what the song they used at 2:27 is? Much appreciated
Diego Olazaguirre
Diego Olazaguirre 4 måneder siden
Wow billy has some skills
andrew sheath
andrew sheath 4 måneder siden
My friends dad’s getting a Bugatti
Ojay Mangion Pace
Ojay Mangion Pace 4 måneder siden
Nice octane
Parveen Shaikh
Parveen Shaikh 5 måneder siden
You are nice
Harry and Jake
Harry and Jake 5 måneder siden
And one think that these adults still play with hot wheels
Derpy Diamondzzz
Derpy Diamondzzz 5 måneder siden
You used half of your time just playing with hot wheels
كلا سينر
كلا سينر 5 måneder siden
Toooop tooooop
Kayur Prithipal
Kayur Prithipal 5 måneder siden
I have not been on this NOsections channel in three years and now it’s come to playing with toys😂
Stuart Barber
Stuart Barber 5 måneder siden
who thinks they should paly irsh football
michelle hughes
michelle hughes 5 måneder siden
You guys are the best
Hema z
Hema z 5 måneder siden
To the 000000.1 % of you seeing this Be kind Work hard Stay Humble smile after Keep honest Stay Loyal Travel when possible Never stop learning Be thankful always And love Also I am a small youtuber so please subscribe Thank you for reading this comment
Finley Langthorne
Finley Langthorne 5 måneder siden
What’s that football your using, is it limited addition
Hayden gould
Hayden gould 5 måneder siden
Can someone explain to me what Jeremy did pls
Anette Alrutz
Anette Alrutz 5 måneder siden
I love this video😊
SATVIK THE PRO 5 måneder siden
Sounds Interesting
Chris Hodge
Chris Hodge 5 måneder siden
There is a lot of youtubers that don't like Jez always thought he seemed a nice guy but starting to doubt he is
Ya boi rafay
Ya boi rafay 5 måneder siden
The Fan Boy
The Fan Boy 5 måneder siden
Who else wants Billy to start his own NOsections channel and will have close to 12M subscribers
Mr Say168
Mr Say168 5 måneder siden
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life .........
Merazul Hasan
Merazul Hasan 5 måneder siden
Fan of Jeremy & Shauna and the Wingrove family...
Jack Fg
Jack Fg 5 måneder siden
im eppic and dope lmao
MMN Legend
MMN Legend 5 måneder siden
I had that car u had first as a kid wowo
Craig Jackson
Craig Jackson 5 måneder siden
I feel so bad for billy.
Minkgoddaa 4 måneder siden
Wait why, what happened?
Shounak Tikotekar
Shounak Tikotekar 5 måneder siden
Jezza at 0:50 😂😂 Holy cow...i didn't get these many likes ever! Tysm
rob X1X
rob X1X 5 måneder siden
Jez insta to follow Haks and go on private next! Good footballer other then that nothing
Baby Playz
Baby Playz 5 måneder siden
U r nearly 40 sheuhhh
NicoSon 5 måneder siden
jezza was a better on the ball player than prime bergkamp henry vieira and pires NO CAPPPP
Anne Crews
Anne Crews 5 måneder siden
One word Stephan tries
Cynthia Beeston
Cynthia Beeston 5 måneder siden
Stell jazzas Audi and then sell it for a prank
FreeWolf123 5 måneder siden
I had respect for Jez until what he did in the Wembly cup. I feel sorry for Billy, he has to deal with Jez every day.
Elixr 5 måneder siden
Jezza your an embarrassment to Billy your ruining the f2
S4K 5 måneder siden
Is everything alright!!
Will Rostill
Will Rostill 5 måneder siden
I bet Henry could have controlled that car
HAIDER GAMING 5 måneder siden
no new video billy you are brilliant
Thomas Fridd
Thomas Fridd 5 måneder siden
Thierry Henry could never
JOSEPH Blessingh
JOSEPH Blessingh 5 måneder siden
Yo Billy has so many questions
عبود الدون
عبود الدون 5 måneder siden
اكو عرب
Lash4Life 5 måneder siden
Claim your * here before f2 is splitting up * ticket here
Alex Swanepoel
Alex Swanepoel 5 måneder siden
anyone else want Billy to go Solo ?
الاسطوره احمد
الاسطوره احمد 5 måneder siden
الاسطوره احمد
الاسطوره احمد 5 måneder siden
rebecca olaoye
rebecca olaoye 5 måneder siden
I love you guys
J moxon
J moxon 5 måneder siden
6:11 Henry would of got that
Alex 5tar5
Alex 5tar5 5 måneder siden
No jez is the best player arsene wenger has ever seen
yaschert 5 måneder siden
I wont to be the goalkeeper of f2 😳
Shounak Tikotekar
Shounak Tikotekar 5 måneder siden
Jezza's reaction at 0.50😂😂
MORTAL 5 måneder siden
new subscriber from indonesia
Adbalah 123
Adbalah 123 5 måneder siden
يلي عربي يضغطت اليك
Saleena Mp
Saleena Mp 5 måneder siden
House is where 🤷‍♀️❤😨
Faris_981 5 måneder siden
Isn't that Jeremy lynch?
Football Fulham YT
Football Fulham YT 5 måneder siden
Where’s the 2 lambos
JamesKA The 3rd
JamesKA The 3rd 5 måneder siden
billy looking like beckham
VROfficialThiago 5 måneder siden
Despite the beef they are still great freestylist, I always think that we can't judge other people mainly because we have no idea what's going on in their lives you know just because someone is doing well for themselves don't mean they are happy. And just because someone acts a certain way don't mean they don't have a good side, once a wise man told me everyone has got a bit of good in them it's just bringing that personality out, at the end of the day no one really wants to be the bad person.
Jai Tiwari
Jai Tiwari 5 måneder siden
Please help me f2. I am too your subscriber!!!!!
Jai Tiwari
Jai Tiwari 5 måneder siden
i'm from India and i'm 14years old but in India almost no one supports footbal instead of cricket. I want to be a professional footballer and i want to play in foreign leagues like serie A. How can I audition for other leagues? Please give me some tips as everybody tells me that football training starts on the age 4-5 years. I want to make football by profession. Please help me what can I do?????????
niko olimina
niko olimina 5 måneder siden
‘Is everything all right?’
Metehan Genç
Metehan Genç 5 måneder siden
Türkler Nerdesiniz 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Nicozz xxx
Nicozz xxx 5 måneder siden
How’s your Audi
MazerrrMO 5 måneder siden
Back the F2
Pegasus Airborne
Pegasus Airborne 5 måneder siden
Only here for the comments
Pegasus Airborne
Pegasus Airborne 5 måneder siden
Mzk becuz
Mzk 5 måneder siden
Arsalan Khan
Arsalan Khan 5 måneder siden
Hi Billy and jezza specially I want to say that I like your all videos so much I always watch your videos could you please make a video tomorrow I am your big fan
Abhay Prabhakar
Abhay Prabhakar 5 måneder siden
Plz give me a shout out
kindly help me reach 100 subs
let's take a moment to appreciate the cameraman
RS7stormhunter 5 måneder siden
F2 i like your vids even though i got a NOsectionsfavorite
paris plays
paris plays 5 måneder siden
Unicorn Squad2009
Unicorn Squad2009 5 måneder siden
Who watched the soccer aid did you see Jeremy lynch on world 11
Sam Gasiorowski
Sam Gasiorowski 5 måneder siden
Can Someone explain why we’re cancelling jez
Raymond Renol
Raymond Renol 5 måneder siden
Who's here after soccer aid? 😂😂😂
ZakiyMH04 5 måneder siden
Mzk 5 måneder siden
@ZakiyMH04 what did he do?
ZakiyMH04 5 måneder siden
@Unknown why? I guys are just being worse than him. He is human. He sometimes does bad things
Unknown 5 måneder siden
He deserves it.
Mazhar Unnisa
Mazhar Unnisa 5 måneder siden
Please post new videos
Chops. 5 måneder siden
my swaz is better then your swaz, swaz
Rahik Islam
Rahik Islam 5 måneder siden
I think you should make a icon battle
Affan Usama
Affan Usama 5 måneder siden
messi v ronaldo part 3
joga D'n'B
joga D'n'B 5 måneder siden
Didnt see much " swazz " at soccer aid jezza,, your pen was good tho g..
Rohan Ramabhadran
Rohan Ramabhadran 5 måneder siden
Aw he done swazzed it on the crossbar while doin em tekkerz innit
D. H
D. H 5 måneder siden
Do you still have those black bits
Pro Piano
Pro Piano 5 måneder siden
* Maturity has left the chat *
Aziz Zoubai
Aziz Zoubai 5 måneder siden
Do a ronaldinho challange
Cabbal 5 måneder siden
Lol what did jermy do I just came back to this channel idk what's going on
Thad Castle
Thad Castle 5 måneder siden
I don't mind both these dudes..
G&E Play games
G&E Play games 5 måneder siden
What did Jeremy do wrong ?
Callum Duke
Callum Duke 5 måneder siden
Everyone needs to get a grip
Mzk 5 måneder siden
@Unknown what did he do
Unknown 5 måneder siden
So you approve of Jeremy's actions?
Rithik Boora
Rithik Boora 5 måneder siden
nosections.info/green/jq-PfIOJlnCN3cw/video.html messi not leaving barca
Dylan Frater
Dylan Frater 5 måneder siden
How old is billy wingrove
Wheelchair Slayer
Wheelchair Slayer 5 måneder siden
Though there is a lot of back lash on Jeremy’s name, I think it is best if we keep our comments to ourselves...I may not agree with his ethics but we gotta respect this mans life...our comments does not benefit him and may destroy his personal life...great vid though!
Matthew Boffey
Matthew Boffey 5 måneder siden
Nice game against england
Emeka Victor Sport TV
Emeka Victor Sport TV 5 måneder siden
Yesss. Thanks you I love your channel 💪💪. I wanted to stop making videos on NOsections🎥🎬 but It's because of you that I restart making videos. You make me love youtube more and more every day. I wanted to thank evryone not only that upload videos. Also the people that continue watches videos to let many youtube channel grow together 🙌🙏
Fundzup_SB 5 måneder siden
Why are these guys not pro ? ( wrong answers only ) 😂
OA1 VIBING 5 måneder siden
If u love football watch my new viddo
OA1 VIBING 5 måneder siden
Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim 5 måneder siden
I've got an audi r8