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Billy get's revenge after Jezza threw black bits in his car...but is this the end or does Billy have more in store? #F2PRANKWARS
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14. nov.. 2018





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F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel
YES GUYS! It was finally time for me to get my revenge on Jezza! But I’m not done there....50,000 likes and we’ll drop the next *EVEN MORE SAVAGE* prank!! Love, peace and tekkers!
William Sithole
William Sithole 2 måneder siden
William Sithole
William Sithole 2 måneder siden
shahada abdul hamid
shahada abdul hamid 5 måneder siden
Chez Champ
Chez Champ 5 måneder siden
@Zahuvan yes
BigBlastGamer 6 måneder siden
Cube Bomb
Cube Bomb 12 timer siden
Wow you guys are rich
Nihat Rustemli
Nihat Rustemli 15 timer siden
14 million not
Charlie Brannigan
Charlie Brannigan 16 timer siden
Dan Acton
Dan Acton 2 dager siden
Distroie his g waggen😲😲😲
Phil Marshall
Phil Marshall 5 dager siden
Funny prank
Claire Morahan
Claire Morahan 6 dager siden
paint his windows on his g wagon
Jacob Stone
Jacob Stone 8 dager siden
Put milkshake in his boots
rohan kumar
rohan kumar 9 dager siden
we need more . seriously bill you are awesome
Iosif Bortan
Iosif Bortan 9 dager siden
U should do him a Ryan Giggs
Elisha Hansen
Elisha Hansen 15 dager siden
thats so funny
ASEEM 07 18 dager siden
Outro Music,,?,???
Shriyans Wadekar
Shriyans Wadekar 21 dag siden
Juez runs quite fast btw
Zubair Dawood
Zubair Dawood 22 dager siden
She said she will have her call her back in a couple weeks
You guys are th best
Planned Fitness
Planned Fitness 26 dager siden
It’s not a prank if your actually doing it
18-Faris Khaled
18-Faris Khaled 28 dager siden
Yes I love billy’s pranks
CP Micah
CP Micah Måned siden
“He put milkshake on my car so I’m going to lock him in a shipping container over night” - yeah that makes total sense, totally not over the top at all.
Ben Brown
Ben Brown Måned siden
Sell Billy’s g wagon
Bryniboy !!!
Bryniboy !!! Måned siden
You should paint his car
Zemlak Ismael
Zemlak Ismael Måned siden
The nutritious geometry osmotically trap because asparagus biologically bless until a free windscreen. shy, simple tile
JaeQuan Beats
JaeQuan Beats Måned siden
This was acted...... the milkshake on the back of Jez’s car, how did he see that? He just happened to be looking in his rearview? For what exactly? And the “courtesy car” comment just happened to be the exact same comment Jez made at the end and Bill made at the start of the video? And even when Bill was putting on the second milkshake the way Jez was looking up, you’re telling me he couldn’t have seen Bill was putting another one there?
Venoms_Memes Måned siden
10:45 run dun dun dun dun dun
Angel Piedra
Angel Piedra Måned siden
Y’all should’ve dumped the shakes Inside the car 🤣
RayZer456 Måned siden
You should've spilled the milkshake inside the car like jezza did to you he put inside the car
Lucie Robinson
Lucie Robinson Måned siden
put horse or whatever poo in side his bed covers, he would be like whats that smell. and also put a bucket of water on top of his bedroom door and when he open's the door make it fall on him
Ferris West
Ferris West 2 måneder siden
billy bad prank
شرارة يوتيوب
شرارة يوتيوب 2 måneder siden
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Prakash Faldu
Prakash Faldu 2 måneder siden
Bil is smarter then Jez
Ellonika Kesidi
Ellonika Kesidi 2 måneder siden
Bro dou you where make up bravu
Alden McQueen
Alden McQueen 2 måneder siden
Put gorrila glue in his faveriote football boots
Roberto George
Roberto George 2 måneder siden
Loving the prank wars boys. Looking forward to some more uploads
CarlyL Burnett
CarlyL Burnett 2 måneder siden
Who else noticed that he had a plastic straw
Sreenandan Biju
Sreenandan Biju 2 måneder siden
Or maybe you can even electrocute his car
Sreenandan Biju
Sreenandan Biju 2 måneder siden
Hey mate, you should probably put hot lava on billy's benz car windshield.
Kwenzakwenkosi Mtshali
Kwenzakwenkosi Mtshali 2 måneder siden
4:08 not as sick as leaving you in the shipping container lolll
محمد السعد
محمد السعد 3 måneder siden
ibrahim ahmed
ibrahim ahmed 3 måneder siden
run tanananananananananana
Michelle Moreno
Michelle Moreno 3 måneder siden
Tottenham rules
Michael Ncube
Michael Ncube 3 måneder siden
Its 2020 but you still haven't pranked him back😭
ツSushix 4 måneder siden
aidowt laike
Navaneeth 4 måneder siden
can you guys train me???
El3b -Ali Hossam
El3b -Ali Hossam 4 måneder siden
Who from 2020
Sam Lowes
Sam Lowes 4 måneder siden
Put Chelsea flags on Billy's car
Stavros Zampetas
Stavros Zampetas 5 måneder siden
Popcorn on his car
Julian Park
Julian Park 5 måneder siden
you should pretend to crash his car
Yoo Boo
Yoo Boo 5 måneder siden
his jacket looks like the man u away kit
Crkria 5 måneder siden
Pop all four of his tyres
shahada abdul hamid
shahada abdul hamid 5 måneder siden
When u said what next prank
shahada abdul hamid
shahada abdul hamid 5 måneder siden
Maybe put water on his car?🤔or Put poo on his car maybe when after Soccr at the pitch go home take a Bath go out put it go back when his done u take a bath then ask him if he wants to go outside Ask him to get McDonalds with his car😄😆
shahada abdul hamid
shahada abdul hamid 5 måneder siden
I mean the poo put on his car just a little bit
Lee Uu
Lee Uu 5 måneder siden
no that's too brutal stop ur killing his car bruh he only poured some soil in ur car and u? the frickin milkshake went in those hole thingys bruh ur too much
Rxifn Rxifn
Rxifn Rxifn 6 måneder siden
Don’t burst a bubble we can’t in covid
vsprite 6 måneder siden
The plastic straw ☺️☺️
suyash marskole
suyash marskole 6 måneder siden
f2 prank war winner is billy
Adenike Agboola
Adenike Agboola 6 måneder siden
An awesome video 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Alishba Butt
Alishba Butt 6 måneder siden
he didn't ask for large and then says doesn't look like a large. Hahahahahahahhahahahaha
Erikmi360 7 måneder siden
Pranav Chhabra
Pranav Chhabra 7 måneder siden
Mr beast: destroying my friend’s car and surprising him with a new one F2: destroying my friend’s car and just leave it there
Belinah Balebetse
Belinah Balebetse 7 måneder siden
I have always dreamt of coming to England ,this is a savage prank
Henry Ponce
Henry Ponce 7 måneder siden
He showed the plates
rhys dawswon
rhys dawswon 7 måneder siden
Get a football make it rock solid then make him kick it hardmlol
Abid Ahmed
Abid Ahmed 7 måneder siden
I liked the video but Jez: I think you should take Bill's car and then he will think he lost it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ethan_Playz 7 måneder siden
Call up Thierry Henry and scrap jezza as a prank
Matt Lawless
Matt Lawless 7 måneder siden
In 2020 this video has offended me because only one type of milkshake was used!! Not enough diversity for my liking!! 😂
The G Team Kids
The G Team Kids 7 måneder siden
Full his house with 💩 🤣🤣
gabriel Pillay
gabriel Pillay 7 måneder siden
Put shaving cream on his hand then tickle his face like a mosquito
HDog 7 måneder siden
Spill pots of paint over Billy’s car
GileZ 07
GileZ 07 7 måneder siden
Back when McDonald’s had plastic straws
Harris Marcera
Harris Marcera 7 måneder siden
If Billy dumped a chocolate milkshake on Jezza’s car (cuz I totally love chocolate milkshakes🍫🥤) I would have been going crazy
Martin Coleman
Martin Coleman 7 måneder siden
he said 5 milkshakes
Jake Tank
Jake Tank 7 måneder siden
Jez pretend to do some free kits. And lock him in there for a week and don’t give him a bucket
Jake Tank
Jake Tank 7 måneder siden
And drive in style
Jake Tank
Jake Tank 7 måneder siden
I love you billy 😍😍🥰😘❤️💕💕❤️😘🥰😍😍💓💓💓💓😍😍💓💓🥳😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘🥰😚😍
Lucas Flanagan
Lucas Flanagan 7 måneder siden
Smash his car
Daiva Pranskuniene
Daiva Pranskuniene 7 måneder siden
Well done Billy Jezza you should put slime in his car
Simon Champion
Simon Champion 7 måneder siden
jezz your car got shaked 🤣🤣🤣
Lucid_ tylerm
Lucid_ tylerm 8 måneder siden
Who else is drinking a milkshake watching this
Paul Burd
Paul Burd 8 måneder siden
Talc in the air vents
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson 8 måneder siden
AASAMUEL 10 8 måneder siden
Add the black bits in his boots during your next filming
AK GAMERS 8 måneder siden
Don't waste food please
Shannon Little
Shannon Little 8 måneder siden
shrtlink.ca/xxx588lollikoreansex උල්වර් මෙම සත්වයාට අසාමාන්‍ය ලෙස දිගු කලක් මෙන් පෙනෙන දේ ලබා දුන්නේය
Aron Pope
Aron Pope 8 måneder siden
0:15:Me and the boys at 3am
Odhran Fitzmaurice
Odhran Fitzmaurice 8 måneder siden
You should put chalk paint all over his car
M. HUZAIFAH 8 måneder siden
i verry like billy and jezza
Rehana begum
Rehana begum 8 måneder siden
Frogs in Billy's car
Julian Gjoka
Julian Gjoka 8 måneder siden
5:57 you showed your license plate
Muhammad Esa
Muhammad Esa 8 måneder siden
yo jezza put soap in billys tooth brush
Harris Marcera
Harris Marcera 8 måneder siden
Bill mate ur literally wasting milkshakes… 🥤😐
dawn white
dawn white 8 måneder siden
#jeremy lynch put slime on his car
Matias Nicolas Ceballos
Matias Nicolas Ceballos 8 måneder siden
Alguien de argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷
Aarav Ghai
Aarav Ghai 8 måneder siden
lacklustre but the most hilarious prank
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer 8 måneder siden
Your evil
sweatco.in/hi/manos194342 Check out this free app - It Pays to Walk 🚶
Jacob PEREZ 9 måneder siden
He should put pasta in Billy’s car
King Random
King Random 9 måneder siden
Fill his car with legos
GeorgeT07 9 måneder siden
Who else had re watched this too many times
GeorgeT07 9 måneder siden
Themagicwizard 9 måneder siden
You should cover his car In tomato sauce
Zahid Bo'yazov
Zahid Bo'yazov 9 måneder siden
12 : 07😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
sxmexne playz
sxmexne playz 9 måneder siden
Brake all his wondows
Jim Bell
Jim Bell 9 måneder siden
Maksymilian Medela what are wondows lol 😂
The Truth About my Son
The Truth About my Son