EXTREME 100 BALL SHOOTING CHALLENGE | F2Freestylers | Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch 

Ganger 890 k
97% 8 667 230

How many goals can we score out of 100 shots?!...
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23. aug.. 2020





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Aaditya Bhattacharya
Aaditya Bhattacharya 3 dager siden
Billy on full Beckham mood
David Maris
David Maris 4 dager siden
Bravo ești bun din vară la Steaua 🇷🇴
BRAC-Africa Research
BRAC-Africa Research 4 dager siden
Thanks for the video
JaviPog10 on YT
JaviPog10 on YT 17 dager siden
Why is the keeper just standing there
Salman Skn
Salman Skn 17 dager siden
6 year kid is better than this keeper😄
lilmisskicks 17 dager siden
the keepers self esteem while reading the comments: 📉📉
London 25 dager siden
My favourite player is alaba because he is using his left foot. So he is important player
Charujith M
Charujith M Måned siden
come on give these men some credit and the keeper too he has to be like that and not save it but it ain't because he is a bad keeper they have to score more than 67 goals this is just trying to reach that target whereas the Origina 67 goals were scored in match conditions which they cant have Give them a break come on guys!
Elian Alkoutami
Elian Alkoutami 2 måneder siden
At first, I thought I was the only one that thought the keeper wasn't doing anything, but I scrolled to the comments and saw everything people were saying
Blimp Boy
Blimp Boy 2 måneder siden
What are the name of his shoes?
adonay sisay
adonay sisay 2 måneder siden
I will be come u i am from ethiopia i love
Ger Kiely
Ger Kiely 2 måneder siden
I think it was 3-1.
Juan Jesus Alejandro-Soriano
Not gonna lie if they had the keeper miniminter had there score would have been lower
Farhan Sajeeb
Farhan Sajeeb 3 måneder siden
it wud have been fun to watch this video with an "actual" goalkeeper no matter the goals....
Evan Ftikas
Evan Ftikas 3 måneder siden
F2 tecas!!
Ahmed Omer
Ahmed Omer 3 måneder siden
Bayern Munich will win 1=0
Dylan Knox
Dylan Knox 3 måneder siden
The goalkeeper isn’t trying
Owen Tshudy
Owen Tshudy 3 måneder siden
I'd be happy with 6/10 cause he is a good goalie *gets more that 6/10 and goalie saves one-shot that was gonna hit the crossbar*
Christianplayz 3 måneder siden
I am a kid and I am a better keeper than the keeper in the video
arnold zelaya
arnold zelaya 3 måneder siden
I thought it would have ended 2-1 Bayern Munich. Amazing challenge - video
Tai Castro
Tai Castro 3 måneder siden
It takes this much skill to act so bad in keeper when it's so easy to save
9 Banguera flor juan esteban
the goalkeeper does not stop anything
Syeda Amina
Syeda Amina 4 måneder siden
At least I hope
Syeda Amina
Syeda Amina 4 måneder siden
Bayern Munich 3-1 Paris Saint German
Reece Dalgas
Reece Dalgas 4 måneder siden
8:52 he said 😂😂 he said painy is a good keeper 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alpha Games
Alpha Games 4 måneder siden
I don’t think this keeper understands the game
Michael Schiciano
Michael Schiciano 4 måneder siden
This ain’t a keeper. This is a random man you found on the street that you are paying to not be able to save anything
Sujal Ramchandani
Sujal Ramchandani 4 måneder siden
get the keeper which miniminter had and then see can you beat his score
TV Jegue
TV Jegue 4 måneder siden
Jordan Batarseh
Jordan Batarseh 4 måneder siden
The keeper is just standing there not even trying
Arran Cunliffe
Arran Cunliffe 4 måneder siden
So jez goes the same way like 4 times in a row with the penalties and somehow the keeper can’t see a pattern forming?🤣🤣🤣🤣
stela ursachi
stela ursachi 4 måneder siden
anyone come to the comments to see how the keeper was
Mylonelymailbox12 4 måneder siden
The keeper literally just stood there for half the time
Ashton Stanford
Ashton Stanford 4 måneder siden
There goalkeepers are oof
moe moe
moe moe 4 måneder siden
This keeper is absolute dogshit, just stood in the middle the whole time
ELLIOT HAYASHI WU 4 måneder siden
Bad keeper
unknown 4 måneder siden
This keeper is so fcking bad it’s not even a challenge anymore do this challenge again but then with the goalkeeper of miniminter and tobjzl their video
Oneil Lampart
Oneil Lampart 4 måneder siden
These guys are just good 💯💯👏
Saeed Ibrahim
Saeed Ibrahim 4 måneder siden
1 0 i think to brmunike
Saeed Ibrahim
Saeed Ibrahim 4 måneder siden
Jacob Patrick
Jacob Patrick 4 måneder siden
this hurts me to watch the goalie as imma goalie
SHEETAL ASHOK 4 måneder siden
I think Billy and jezza are more 💲💲💲💸💸💰💰💰💵💵
SHEETAL ASHOK 4 måneder siden
How did u get 100 balls
Miguel Ángel Roda
Miguel Ángel Roda 4 måneder siden
Necesitan arquero amigo
Will 4 måneder siden
Yeh hi chelsea here we need a rrplacement for kepa your keeper woukd fit our club pls can we pay 120 mil for him
Will 4 måneder siden
That keeper sucks
Nikolas Zagorianos
Nikolas Zagorianos 4 måneder siden
8:50 he said the is good 😂 He's trash
Nikolas Zagorianos
Nikolas Zagorianos 4 måneder siden
Keeper doesnt even try
Nehal Abdelhady
Nehal Abdelhady 5 måneder siden
I bet if there was no keeper there would not be a difference. Not to be rude to the f2 I love them.
Crazy Flame
Crazy Flame 5 måneder siden
I think bayern Munich will win 1-0 and Coman will score
Malyuun Yusuf
Malyuun Yusuf 5 måneder siden
Did anyone realise the kid in The purple jacket
Finn Strachan
Finn Strachan 5 måneder siden
At this point i might as well as go goal
Finn Strachan
Finn Strachan 5 måneder siden
They should do a video vs Mini minters keeper from his video
Goalkeeping Skills With Hugo
who is that kid in the backround
Bjarki Snær Sigurdsson
Bjarki Snær Sigurdsson 5 måneder siden
Can you do this again with the keeper from Simons vid
SHAN-E-DASTAR 5 måneder siden
The most challenging task is to collect those 100 balls 🙄
Jazzy Ginger
Jazzy Ginger 5 måneder siden
That keeper is rubbish
Notorious gb
Notorious gb 5 måneder siden
i got so triggered by the goalie
Michael Adeyemi
Michael Adeyemi 5 måneder siden
Did anyone else see that 9/11
Michael Adeyemi
Michael Adeyemi 5 måneder siden
Could you do a ball giveaway?
JNXWCXMBE 5 måneder siden
ok they put on 2 extra so he got 63 not 65
JNXWCXMBE 5 måneder siden
wait a minute, jezza is on 45 on his last volley but misses, so how come it gives him it then? 8:27
Jethro Phillips
Jethro Phillips 5 måneder siden
Miniminter's vid was better tbh
Kumayle Merchant
Kumayle Merchant 5 måneder siden
I'lL bE HappY WiTh SiX oUt Of TeN cUz h'eS a GoOd KeEPer
Kumayle Merchant
Kumayle Merchant 5 måneder siden
this keeper just stands and looks like an idiot
Narsing Makar
Narsing Makar 5 måneder siden
i like it very coooooool and #nise
Papi Boy
Papi Boy 5 måneder siden
Shitest keeper ive seen
Michael Tawanda
Michael Tawanda 5 måneder siden
The goal might as well have been empty
FadeScopes 25
FadeScopes 25 5 måneder siden
2-0 Bayern
Jesus Leyva
Jesus Leyva 5 måneder siden
am i the only one who got pissed that the goalkeeper didnt even dive
Paul Lujan
Paul Lujan 5 måneder siden
You guys acting like he wasn’t scoring straight bangers!!!!
Olena Reha
Olena Reha 5 måneder siden
Hello F2
Aldair Rangel
Aldair Rangel 5 måneder siden
That goalie sucks
adrianmugari 5 måneder siden
This music is incredible.
Shruti Naik
Shruti Naik 5 måneder siden
Keeper need more training 😂
Vansh Godhania
Vansh Godhania 5 måneder siden
Jezz- He is a good keeper Me-Is he even a keeper I thought he is statue
Chris Rowe
Chris Rowe 5 måneder siden
Saying generic things without knowing the number 😂😂😂
MR LEGEND 5 måneder siden
Taishi Yasuki-Petein
Taishi Yasuki-Petein 5 måneder siden
"baileys a good keeper" 90% of the shots the keeper just stands there
Nasteexo Xaaji
Nasteexo Xaaji 5 måneder siden
I can't believe that ⚽️😱
Joker Linh
Joker Linh 5 måneder siden
ohh bayern munic is win
T Rowe
T Rowe 5 måneder siden
What’s the difference and I’ll give you a hint it’s not the shot style😑 7:27 7:45
T Rowe
T Rowe 5 måneder siden
This keeper goes from saving the first 3 free kicks to just watching the ball that is what you call “I’ll give you extra money if you make me look better” trick
Fabio Lopez
Fabio Lopez 5 måneder siden
This goalkeeper is so bad!
Callum //
Callum // 5 måneder siden
Musics so poinntles
aaf stylize
aaf stylize 5 måneder siden
My dog is better then this goalkeeper
GIorgi YT
GIorgi YT 5 måneder siden
Bili end jeza real madrid!!
Monkey999 5 måneder siden
4:00 the keeper just doesn’t move
Benjámin Molnár
Benjámin Molnár 5 måneder siden
Legközelebb Bencső Endrét hívjátok el, kiszedi a szemetek F2!
Max Keogh1
Max Keogh1 5 måneder siden
Jeremy lynch is a wanka
Jack Volpe
Jack Volpe 5 måneder siden
And the only actual save the goalie made, the 70th shot (volley) @ 8:25, they counted it as a goal (46/70)... 🤨 smh
Николай Навхабов
Идите к Герману в амкал
joga D'n'B
joga D'n'B 5 måneder siden
Billys sweet, jez on the other hand...
Noah Grieshaber
Noah Grieshaber 5 måneder siden
Where do you guys get your soccer boots
Tarka Jake
Tarka Jake 5 måneder siden
Billy and jezz your both amazing inspirations to me and I love ur vids on tik tok and yt and my best friend got to train with you
T11V T11V
T11V T11V 5 måneder siden
I've not played in goal for 10 years and even I can do better then this keeper 😂😂great save hmm Jez it was straight at him mate
Shrecipe 5 måneder siden
Keeper: Don't do it Keeper: Don't do it Keeper: Dive left
Gary Lazenby
Gary Lazenby 5 måneder siden
Keepers wearing gardening gloves
John D
John D 5 måneder siden
Jeramy lynch is in charity match today
Regan Green
Regan Green 5 måneder siden
Get rid off gezza f1 only
Elmi R.
Elmi R. 5 måneder siden
The Problem with Cheetahs
This is my last video.
Ganger 2,4 mill
Ganger 3,3 mill
The Problem with Cheetahs
This is my last video.
Ganger 2,4 mill