LIONEL MESSI TOP CORNER CHALLENGE! 🎯 | Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch 

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We recreate Lionel Messi's viral goal & take on the Top Corner Challenge! 🎯
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25. mai. 2020





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claire middleton
claire middleton 24 dager siden
Top bins ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🥅🎯
ห้ะ ห้ะ
ห้ะ ห้ะ 3 måneder siden
Prithwiraj Debnath
Prithwiraj Debnath 4 måneder siden
Billy love you bro
simon icharia
simon icharia 2 måneder siden
You'll never walk alone
SHEETAL ASHOK 4 måneder siden
F2 love u
Opdragon806 4 måneder siden
I would like to see jezza try doing the sledge hammer
ItchySocks 4 måneder siden
this is exactly like nosections.info/green/tICpo5GreLCfptw/video.html
Bilal tech for life
Bilal tech for life 4 måneder siden
Dhyan Das
Dhyan Das 4 måneder siden
Level 4 world sucks
Dhyan Das
Dhyan Das 4 måneder siden
Level 3 awesome
Dhyan Das
Dhyan Das 4 måneder siden
Simply flexing in you tub
Dhyan Das
Dhyan Das 4 måneder siden
Level 2 sucks
Dhyan Das
Dhyan Das 4 måneder siden
Level 1 not like messi. Messi curved the ball and it was up and then it came down I would say your level 1 is out of Hundred I will give only 60
sreejanedungottil nedungottil
You are my favorite and the best freestylers in the world you tow are the king of freestylers 👑👑
Rikar Dona
Rikar Dona 5 måneder siden
Son increíbles estos tipos
Mubassir Tolgi
Mubassir Tolgi 5 måneder siden
Requesting for knuckel free kick....!
jacobwilldoit !!
jacobwilldoit !! 5 måneder siden
Billy wingrove is insane at fútbol
RS7stormhunter 5 måneder siden
billy i got the same boots as you lol
Mr. Memes
Mr. Memes 5 måneder siden
Ephraim Ruhombe
Ephraim Ruhombe 6 måneder siden
Come on mezzanine weak foot
McBor_ 6 måneder siden
I can't even hit the ball with that power, to go into the goal from the half way line...not in the air, not even in the ground XD (Sorry if my english is not perfect :c)
Alisina Ahmadi
Alisina Ahmadi 6 måneder siden
Love from afganistan
Ranjith 6 måneder siden
How many of you think that messi is in this video????? 😊😊
Tyrique Nonoh
Tyrique Nonoh 6 måneder siden
F2 must do the chest catch tutorial
Hyper Hobsi
Hyper Hobsi 6 måneder siden
Where's jermey on the half way line part?
danh vô bụi đời
danh vô bụi đời 6 måneder siden
woa 😯😯😯
Irfan 6 måneder siden
Aaron Reardon
Aaron Reardon 6 måneder siden
oh my god
Berkcan Balta
Berkcan Balta 6 måneder siden
Berkcan Balta
Berkcan Balta 6 måneder siden
Football Lover
Football Lover 6 måneder siden
I don't know how much power they have!!!!...
Azalshoh Fazliddinov
Azalshoh Fazliddinov 6 måneder siden
CallMeEnzy 7 måneder siden
Plot twist.. he failed to appear human
David Nicio
David Nicio 7 måneder siden
Name of the song in minute 1:00 ?? Please
simon icharia
simon icharia 2 måneder siden
Download Shazam
شهاب Shehab 1122
شهاب Shehab 1122 7 måneder siden
اول تعليق عربي
David Payne
David Payne 7 måneder siden
Billy gets it in one shot . Jez ?????
Messi 7 måneder siden
hassari muspro
hassari muspro 7 måneder siden
sabeel vlogs
sabeel vlogs 7 måneder siden
U guys are my inspiration to play football thanks for all u guys doing for us
varun 46
varun 46 7 måneder siden
Billy looks like David Beckham in sometime
Troy Orton king
Troy Orton king 7 måneder siden
I’m the best goalkeeper and I’m a kid
Nik Kokaš
Nik Kokaš 7 måneder siden
Hasan ALSBATEN 7 måneder siden
Hello, you are the best ever, you are my ideal Please come to my country to see our talents. We are honored in your presence to us. If you want to come to my country, Jordan, here is my number. The name of my page on Facebook (حسن السباتين الدوايمه) Enter the name in Arabic Thank you (F2) ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez 7 måneder siden
Your a pro at soccer you could become a real soccer player !!!😀
Sohamm Banerjii
Sohamm Banerjii 7 måneder siden
3:40 nice pings
nabil arak
nabil arak 7 måneder siden
Felipe Samuel
Felipe Samuel 7 måneder siden
Dinh Van Duc
Dinh Van Duc 7 måneder siden
2:33 - 3:09 Jez can do this all day @_@
MSZ FN 7 måneder siden
There should be a jezza or billy shot not a messi there should be like a viral F2 Shot actually
Сәлем 7 måneder siden
Mø 10
Mø 10 7 måneder siden
Love your vids
Mø 10
Mø 10 7 måneder siden
You guys have to make a video of how to improve your accuracy
Simone Perrino
Simone Perrino 7 måneder siden
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 7 måneder siden
Calling neymar jr or lion meesi
Theo Laws
Theo Laws 7 måneder siden
Billy and Jezza you are both amazing players and you are so nice. I hope that you keep playing football forever. I am 11 and i try copy you're incredible skills and shots. I love you both so much. From your biggest fan, Theo
Shamima Begum
Shamima Begum 7 måneder siden
Bills is so good
Chaos Legends
Chaos Legends 7 måneder siden
Love that technique bill gd one
game fut
game fut 8 måneder siden
Whats your clothing Billy for Adidas
Paola Gonzalez
Paola Gonzalez 8 måneder siden
I now
Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas 8 måneder siden
Hi f2 this is my dream to meet you me and my best cousin love you your the best class we love you ! 🔥🔥🔥
صالح سوسان
صالح سوسان 8 måneder siden
Houhou Youcef
Houhou Youcef 8 måneder siden
Pika squad HD
Pika squad HD 8 måneder siden
Messi:kick it perfectly F2:kick it nicely Me:skill them kick it out the world Me as goalkeeper:saves 5 goal So im better at goaly
Street Freestyler
Street Freestyler 8 måneder siden
F2 should make a 700 goals challenge for Messi.
Hari zadak 14
Hari zadak 14 8 måneder siden
Put ur dress purchase link in description l
Rickyas Y
Rickyas Y 8 måneder siden
Jeremy has no weak foot. Amazing! He should have got a chance in pro. He got some talent.
Artur José Uamusse
Artur José Uamusse 8 måneder siden
Tariq 8 måneder siden
Someone really disliked this video 😩😩😩😧
Wesley Africa
Wesley Africa 8 måneder siden
Is Billy cured from covid now?
Dennis 8 måneder siden
Maksat Kozhahmetov
Maksat Kozhahmetov 8 måneder siden
Iove f2
Cody Demers
Cody Demers 8 måneder siden
1:25 holy that was sick
Brian Beck
Brian Beck 8 måneder siden
Better than henry on the ball huh swaz? Just no quit embarrassing youraelf
yemofio benjamin
yemofio benjamin 8 måneder siden
crazy free style
Football Grecce FJ Football Challenges
top top messi
Rafli Moh
Rafli Moh 8 måneder siden
Mantappp Salam dari indonesia 🇲🇨
Arish Das
Arish Das 8 måneder siden
Messi 💪😍
Jan-Deon Cilliers
Jan-Deon Cilliers 8 måneder siden
We are freezing in South Africa, it might snow
Flicky's Gamin palace
Flicky's Gamin palace 8 måneder siden
Soo much power
Flicky's Gamin palace
Flicky's Gamin palace 8 måneder siden
I like how the lefty kicks
I GAMES 8 måneder siden
messi_tech fortnite sqaud
messi_tech fortnite sqaud 8 måneder siden
lol lionel messi is here
Kai Cristiano Spadoni
Kai Cristiano Spadoni 8 måneder siden
Billy and jezz are the GOATS
Nelson Fitness23
Nelson Fitness23 8 måneder siden
Basketball top bins 🏀
Septic_US 8 måneder siden
What song is that at the intro In the backround?
Football Diaries
Football Diaries 8 måneder siden
Billy, Jezza, quit trying, Messi is a legend, no one can do what he does. Though, I must say, you gays did very well in this challenge.
Khalil Bdf
Khalil Bdf 8 måneder siden
Bill is the best
تثقف وتطور
تثقف وتطور 8 måneder siden
What's it Your location
b ji
b ji 8 måneder siden
slymology 8 måneder siden
Bill is smart
Moideen Kutty
Moideen Kutty 9 måneder siden
ഇതു കാണുന്ന കേരളത്തിലെ പിള്ളേർ ലൈക്‌ അടി
Blog Best FootBaLL
Blog Best FootBaLL 9 måneder siden
Quintana- Views
Quintana- Views 9 måneder siden
Alguien de aquí que hable español y me pueda decir el nombre o dónde puedo encontrar el efecto de sonido del minuto 5:46 ?
Pollyana Macedo
Pollyana Macedo 9 måneder siden
Think that you guys get top corner and every shot
Andrew Parr
Andrew Parr 9 måneder siden
Me who can’t find top bins from the penalty spot watching this like 👁👄👁
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans 9 måneder siden
love the swaz
Avineet Malhotra
Avineet Malhotra 9 måneder siden
Who would've Thought that this can be a thing
Freestyle Football
Freestyle Football 9 måneder siden
Wow!!!! MESSI will impress after watching this. Love it keep it up❤
The Merce’s
The Merce’s 9 måneder siden
You’re as good as mesi
momo 9 måneder siden
udeesha alwis
udeesha alwis 9 måneder siden
APN 9 måneder siden
Wait for the music drop = ball in