THE ULTIMATE PREMIER LEAGUE TOUCH TEST BATTLE 😱 (feat. 25 Premier League ballers!) 👀 

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Yes guys! We teamed up with Monster Energy’s #HydroSport as 25 Premier League players tested their tekkers on the #ToeTapChallenge.
How many can you do?
Check out our instagram post on how to enter and what you could win!
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Love, peace & tekkers!
Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch




16. mars. 2021





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Football-is-life #add
Football-is-life #add 6 dager siden
Me waiting for manutd 👁️👅👁️
uri mascka
uri mascka 6 dager siden
Vamos Alexis Mac allister 💙💛💙 bocita te extrana
The Name’s James, Bond James
Mateta out here doing the pog face.😂😂
Kowaleq 9 dager siden
Why does McAllister from Brighton looks like Messi lol
Dayne Haworth
Dayne Haworth 9 dager siden
Where the F2 lads? They gotta try it as well??!!
Nolan Quinn
Nolan Quinn 10 dager siden
I DONE 7!!!!!!!!!
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon 10 dager siden
Challenge was touch the inside of your foot, Gallagher was touching the outside of his foot. Rules is rules.
Scientist Shania
Scientist Shania 12 dager siden
I want your ball 😍
I'm People
I'm People 12 dager siden
I did it two times
Subhojit chatterjee
Subhojit chatterjee 12 dager siden
Imagine de bruyne doing this
Işıldayan gözler Ömer Öğretmen
Siddharth Ravi - CS
Siddharth Ravi - CS 13 dager siden
Kovacic should take on this challenge!!!
Adam Said
Adam Said 16 dager siden
5:10 where is rhian Brewster
Orry Weiss
Orry Weiss 16 dager siden
Where is eran zehavi
Kevin Durelas
Kevin Durelas 16 dager siden
I bet Maharez can get a 7.....maybe not first try but I really wanna see him do this challange
Itani Loago Tobedza
Itani Loago Tobedza 17 dager siden
Gallagher, Brewster, Bissouma
Itani Loago Tobedza
Itani Loago Tobedza 17 dager siden
I would love to see any Man city player
Deep Achhami
Deep Achhami 18 dager siden
Haggai Chulu
Haggai Chulu 18 dager siden
I would love to see thiago
Oliver Langdale
Oliver Langdale 18 dager siden
I try it all the time.f2 can you come to australia perth
Shelaina Jude
Shelaina Jude 19 dager siden
Yes maestros
tralala new channel
tralala new channel 19 dager siden
VojiFN 20 dager siden
j-p mouth tho
رياض الزيدي
جاي نتابعكم عربين خلو ترجمه عربيه
Ivan Salas
Ivan Salas 21 dag siden
Pogba would kill this
Ajani Phillips
Ajani Phillips 21 dag siden
A theifniss that because everytime the man dem slap dem foot it fi go up by tht amount
blaise russo
blaise russo 21 dag siden
Can you beat the pros? Umm nope
Rajani Anil
Rajani Anil 22 dager siden
Ngl football is just a wonderful sport ⚽️
CASADORES DE LENDA FC 23 dager siden
Rayaan Qureshi
Rayaan Qureshi 23 dager siden
It was hilarious, and in the park, I did 5!!! And try see if Leo Messi can get 9!! Haha
MAKEOUTPHIL 25 dager siden
ronaldinho or maradona would stand there for like an hour
Rahul Cr7
Rahul Cr7 25 dager siden
This is why lukaku left pl..
Tech Master- டெக் மாஸ்டர்
Prsoccerart 🔥 equalized
Yusuf Salih Sarı
Yusuf Salih Sarı 26 dager siden
Altay ile best videoo❤
SEAN DYCHE 26 dager siden
nathan Redmond is soooooo underrated
SEAN DYCHE 26 dager siden
imagine messi doing this
عشاق الداعية محمود الحسنات
يقول جبريل يامحمد: لا يصلي عليك احد إلا ويصلي عليه《سبعون》 70 ألف ملك أين أنتم يا احباب رسول الله
Thomas Epstein
Thomas Epstein 26 dager siden
Go on gallagher 🔵⚪
Thunder Of Thor
Thunder Of Thor 26 dager siden
Why are they tapping multiple times but still the counter directly below shows only 3 - 4 maximum taps Am I missing something here or did I understand incorrectly 🤔🤨🧐⁉️
Ssaad Kerhani
Ssaad Kerhani 26 dager siden
Riyad mahrez
LAKSHMI PRIYA TEX 26 dager siden
Pr soccer art
Jayesh Jethwa
Jayesh Jethwa 27 dager siden
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Ahmed abdou
Ahmed abdou 27 dager siden
Try asking Messi, cr7 and ronaldinho to do this challenge
FABIO HD 27 dager siden
Prsoccerart did it check it
flosta crooker
flosta crooker 27 dager siden
This record also equalled from a freestyler in Tamilnadu India named Pradeep pls check this out nosections.info/green/1Juqq3eco4iZ0tQ/video.html
Isabella Petch
Isabella Petch 28 dager siden
this is so poor, i got 8 in trainers. except I'll forgive my babes eze
Attila Halmai
Attila Halmai 28 dager siden
Laliga players
mambouna jatta
mambouna jatta 28 dager siden
yes I can beat the pros
AZAAN FC 28 dager siden
Daniel and Harry Cox
Daniel and Harry Cox 28 dager siden
Last one touched outside of foot. You said inside? Disqualified
Ronan Lynch
Ronan Lynch 29 dager siden
Thiago would be insane at this
KING K 29 dager siden
Richard Richarlson hat das bei dem einzig wahren Eligella gelernt
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 29 dager siden
They need to start doing can you do this series again
Ioan Vladimirov
Ioan Vladimirov Måned siden
Amazing idea
Ignacio Ortiz
Ignacio Ortiz Måned siden
My top was 3 ,Ngl honestly this is really good for your control
Kelly Måned siden
If Not Brazilians then give it to the Spaniards
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 29 dager siden
No chelsea players😭
Luke Davies
Luke Davies Måned siden
Charles Martin
Charles Martin Måned siden
Imagine Raphinha doing this
Raghav Khanna
Raghav Khanna Måned siden
sounded like KSI at 10:39
Mystic Knight 943
Mystic Knight 943 Måned siden
Yves Bissouma. Baller 🔥
Aaron Måned siden
You should of got thiago to do this he’d make it look easy
Muhammad Khalis
Muhammad Khalis Måned siden
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Måned siden
Imagine if prime Ronaldinho attempted this. It would last 2 hours. 🤣
Rice and beans
Rice and beans Måned siden
Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one gets to heaven except through Him. Repent before it’s too late. It’s your choice ... heaven or hell . Change your ways and turn to Him!!!
raypid1 Måned siden
Brewster is the winner for me. Gallagher cheated by touching the outside of the foot, which can be done faster than touching the inside!
Danny Måned siden
Trust me it’s harder than it looks
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Måned siden
The Chelsea boy showing whose the boss!!
mo b
mo b Måned siden
Seems like a fun challenge, but seriously, this doesn't have anything at all to do with how good the players are. Brewster got 5 and yet is looking like he's about to go an entire season without scoring a single league goal
Sophy Barnett
Sophy Barnett Måned siden
F2 are so brilliant, so plz could you do this but with Man United, Man City and Liverpool and more others. Like so Bill and Jez can see
OBIOHA BOY Måned siden
I've missed the F2
HertsH 365
HertsH 365 Måned siden
i mean joe harts a goalie
jcolecfc Måned siden
No chelsea players😭
Matthew Wood
Matthew Wood Måned siden
Congratulations on 13 million subs !!!!!!!!
Frankitaryan Måned siden
It'a good but it's not quite Messi
Danthegoatt Måned siden
Messi should this challenge
Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee Måned siden
If I did better than most of the premier league players why am I not in the prem
Mo Salads
Mo Salads Måned siden
The best type of F2 video, without the F2 in it
brunča_ xd
brunča_ xd Måned siden
Imagine bills reaction after dinamo beat tottenham
Home Kinsella
Home Kinsella Måned siden
I could get 1 and be proud of equalkng a pro football player
이기순 Måned siden
Cristopher Richmond
Cristopher Richmond Måned siden
Good goals
Allan Kevin
Allan Kevin Måned siden
The Chelsea boy showing whose the boss!!
Primus Swenson
Primus Swenson Måned siden
Gallagher does it with the outside 👀
hæłœ Måned siden
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
I wanna see messi and ronaldo do this...
Sidu Mulie
Sidu Mulie Måned siden
F2 you are the best stylers ever
Sidu Mulie
Sidu Mulie Måned siden
F2 you are the best stylers ever
Simon Wang
Simon Wang Måned siden
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bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
I feel so happy when I see you, you are so legends💚
Bwehgofen Dangut
Bwehgofen Dangut Måned siden
The only table where West Brom are top...😂
Solomon Abe
Solomon Abe Måned siden
I wish ward prowse did it
SmokeGrass92 Måned siden
It’s good, but not quite Messi
Jackson Cordeiro
Jackson Cordeiro Måned siden
You should do a top bins challenge!
Josh Bedford
Josh Bedford Måned siden
Connor Gallagher looks like Todd cantwell
T Måned siden
Not quite Messi.....
Kryptonic Gaming
Kryptonic Gaming Måned siden
All you her for West Ham is Declan Rice saying "Composure"
William Paulsson
William Paulsson Måned siden
Bro i swear Billy could have played in the premier league he is tooooo good
Elijah Måned siden
Pogba would be brilliant at this challenge
recster JR
recster JR Måned siden
Was a good touch but not quite Jezza
topi kunnas
topi kunnas Måned siden
Lynchy u got a better touch then messi?????????
Douglas Asante
Douglas Asante Måned siden
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Will Bonsen
Will Bonsen Måned siden
First time WBA won something
Ganger 4,5 mill