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Amazing real life races mirrored against all the fastest FIFA players! How will we do against the likes of Aubumeyang, Bellerin, Ronaldo & Messi???....
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17. sep.. 2017





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Kommentarer 100   
Trym the Manchester United fan #MUFC
You guys should make one for 2021 vs Daniel James as example player matchup on speed xD
KnightWithout AnArmor
KnightWithout AnArmor 8 dager siden
U Call Sergio Busquets One Of The Fastest Players???
Arman Sultan
Arman Sultan 18 dager siden
Ronaldhinio is a better dribbler than Neymar in my opinion.
Rejmin Begum
Rejmin Begum Måned siden
Messi is seriously fast.
The showcaster
The showcaster Måned siden
Adama traore
Why always 9:662 to 9:919 for more then 2 players in a row? That’s sus
CrazyGamer7 -
CrazyGamer7 - Måned siden
Team Gareth
Jaden Meah
Jaden Meah Måned siden
Oritsejubemi Eyione
Oritsejubemi Eyione 2 måneder siden
Bill is winning because he does not have the ball
Oritsejubemi Eyione
Oritsejubemi Eyione 2 måneder siden
Ca Sneaks
Ca Sneaks 2 måneder siden
The erratic january prospectively escape because sense strikingly cheer atop a spiky punishment. classy, electric garlic
lasisi jr
lasisi jr 2 måneder siden
those players are slowing down at the middle
eoghan mchugh
eoghan mchugh 2 måneder siden
whats the name of the song in the intro
Breme 2 måneder siden
Most of them end on 9.919
Lubomba Mwiinga
Lubomba Mwiinga 3 måneder siden
Messi is fastest with the ball
GEORGES AL ACHI 3 måneder siden
Jayden Jackson
Jayden Jackson 3 måneder siden
billy speed vs fifa 21???????
Samah Elnaggar
Samah Elnaggar 3 måneder siden
I am a big fan
Renjitha Ulhas
Renjitha Ulhas 3 måneder siden
me hearing dele alli is one of the best pl players easily in 2021 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA...not funny
Dhaneesh Gandotra
Dhaneesh Gandotra 3 måneder siden
Mohamed Abdulaziz
Mohamed Abdulaziz 3 måneder siden
who is here 2021
Jasper Farley
Jasper Farley 3 måneder siden
Neymar is the fastest in the world with the ball fact.
Seb Chi
Seb Chi 3 måneder siden
Raheem Sterling
Ca Sneaks
Ca Sneaks 3 måneder siden
The furry furtive cone bioinformatically coil because branch critically interfere athwart a eatable toast. loud, successful bit
Bren 3 måneder siden
Neymar is amazing
Sasha McDonald
Sasha McDonald 3 måneder siden
Adama traore
owen on yt
owen on yt 3 måneder siden
I live in wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 I’m going to pick Bale
alviryor football
alviryor football 3 måneder siden
This is brilliant
Kabir Malkani
Kabir Malkani 4 måneder siden
I have FIFA 19 on my Nintendo switch
Murtaza 360
Murtaza 360 4 måneder siden
what is your name
Noah Pineda-Gorriz
Noah Pineda-Gorriz 4 måneder siden
U are insane
Colin Roberts
Colin Roberts 4 måneder siden
oy cr7 went out of the lines Jez wins that one
Me 4 måneder siden
Manjola Serifi
Manjola Serifi 4 måneder siden
Chirag Gaming
Chirag Gaming 4 måneder siden
16:33 adama traoré
xiuqiang bu
xiuqiang bu 4 måneder siden
team nay mar
Granny Moseme
Granny Moseme 4 måneder siden
SlinkSlinkPlayz 5 måneder siden
who else got this in 2020? 😅
oabslskdn k
oabslskdn k 5 måneder siden
You guys should do this again but add mbappe because in fifa 17 he had like 84 pace up in fifa 21 its like 97 or something
Shila Sidiqi
Shila Sidiqi 5 måneder siden
Neymar is better
Tianellix 5 måneder siden
Messi quicker with ball than neymar
Hüseyin sönmezsoy
Hüseyin sönmezsoy 5 måneder siden
lie just lie
Dante Cerrone
Dante Cerrone 5 måneder siden
Love too see who would win in a race Billy or Jez
Skilia 5 måneder siden
Billy's rating would be q good 83
Onyeka Adibeli
Onyeka Adibeli 5 måneder siden
Syeda Amina
Syeda Amina 5 måneder siden
Who do you think of course it is linol Messi best player in the world with the ball only? Best player in the whole world at everything
Denise Harris
Denise Harris 5 måneder siden
Mbappe is the fastest dribbiler
Julie Taylor
Julie Taylor 5 måneder siden
the Greek team
the Greek team 5 måneder siden
Messi is the fastest in the world of course
DANE Davids
DANE Davids 5 måneder siden
Jaden Abbey
Jaden Abbey 5 måneder siden
Billy is faster
Juri Petrov
Juri Petrov 5 måneder siden
bale is much faster
Pulse -W-
Pulse -W- 5 måneder siden
Ryan Skerritt
Ryan Skerritt 5 måneder siden
I think hazard might be quicker than neymar with the ball
Sultan M&P
Sultan M&P 5 måneder siden
Simon Hooker
Simon Hooker 5 måneder siden
It's fake because if u see Billy's time 9.662 it also comes up In it 3 other times #f2freestylers busted
Yokoshimado Bailey
Yokoshimado Bailey 5 måneder siden
yes neymar is real
Football skills and gaming
Bale is faster than Neymar
Harry Vlogz
Harry Vlogz 5 måneder siden
Who is here when fifa 21 just came out
Gen10 6 måneder siden
Z3 Playz
Z3 Playz 6 måneder siden
Yo when they put those cards up it sounded like he opened a chest in warzone🤣
Aghasi Vahanyan
Aghasi Vahanyan 6 måneder siden
Guys in real life you are never beat ronaldo and messi too
Maliha Shah
Maliha Shah 6 måneder siden
jezza knocks the ball forward but in fifa they dribble along with the ball not knocking the ball much forward
Lyam Fox
Lyam Fox 6 måneder siden
Mbape is faster the Neymar
Ali Alsaihati
Ali Alsaihati 6 måneder siden
Moksh Koushik
Moksh Koushik 6 måneder siden
nobody knew Mbappe at that time, how I wished they did
Elliot Lai
Elliot Lai 6 måneder siden
Does Ronaldo Jr watch the F2??
FURIOUS 10 7 måneder siden
this is idiotic ..
Весёлый Пингвин
Cookie Dough
Cookie Dough 7 måneder siden
It’s Mbappe
Vicky Barley
Vicky Barley 7 måneder siden
Mr Rahman
Mr Rahman 7 måneder siden
Master Tottenham
Master Tottenham 7 måneder siden
2020 when's the next video the updated version?
Gordo Loo
Gordo Loo 7 måneder siden
jez is wearing lots of grey
Richard Bagshaw
Richard Bagshaw 7 måneder siden
Team neymar
aude fauvage
aude fauvage 7 måneder siden
what is the part two of fifa 18
aude fauvage
aude fauvage 7 måneder siden
i cant find it
Sandeep Dhariwal
Sandeep Dhariwal 7 måneder siden
Tom Kicks
Tom Kicks 8 måneder siden
Team Gareth
Nyanyul Dhuor
Nyanyul Dhuor 8 måneder siden
Charmy Perecherla
Charmy Perecherla 8 måneder siden
They controlled Ronaldo with controller
Yassine Dz
Yassine Dz 8 måneder siden
At real life you can't beet anyone over 90 pac 😐 maybe over 85
Yassine Dz
Yassine Dz 8 måneder siden
You can't campare a game fast like in real
Fighter JM
Fighter JM 8 måneder siden
Billy is so cocky he would get smoked by them
Samidha Bhandarkar
Samidha Bhandarkar 8 måneder siden
You will lose that's for sure
Samidha Bhandarkar
Samidha Bhandarkar 8 måneder siden
You make a video with messi
Ocean Wong
Ocean Wong 8 måneder siden
muhammed Zubair
muhammed Zubair 8 måneder siden
ഏതെങ്കിലും മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ ലൈക്ക് അടിച്ചു പോകും
Maire O'Brien
Maire O'Brien 8 måneder siden
Team Neymar
Karl Laoun
Karl Laoun 8 måneder siden
16:30 in 2020 i’d say mbappé 😂
Chirag Gaming
Chirag Gaming 4 måneder siden
Oh I did not think of that I thought adama traoré
Trevor Prakoso
Trevor Prakoso 8 måneder siden
Am I the only one who noticed they weren't sprinting just running
Football gamer
Football gamer 8 måneder siden
This isn't real bcz. u can't run as much fast as Aubameyang wheater with the ball or without ....
Laurinda Campinho
Laurinda Campinho 8 måneder siden
The best of the world is Ronaldo
Alfie-Jay Elliott-Golding
Alfie-Jay Elliott-Golding 8 måneder siden
Mane and salah are quicker than neymar with the ball
Miles H
Miles H 8 måneder siden
Aubameyang is faster than both of you
Debayan Das
Debayan Das 8 måneder siden
Do this challenge now against ADAMA TRAORE or MBAPPE 😁
Ahmed Abdelkader
Ahmed Abdelkader 9 måneder siden
Is no one going to recognise the fact that billy ran about 100m in 9.66 and usain bolt ran 9.58 ?
Ahmed Abdelkader
Ahmed Abdelkader 9 måneder siden
Edit: 9.66 seconds for billy 9.58 for bolt
Robert kasujja
Robert kasujja 9 måneder siden
Do a race
Yifan Tang
Yifan Tang 9 måneder siden
What's the deal with Wingrove's surgery?
Asthetic Lemons
Asthetic Lemons 9 måneder siden
Jax Warren Kazor
Jax Warren Kazor 9 måneder siden
Billys starts irl are way worse than some of the players. Fifa acceleration is way to high compared to the pace, which is too low.