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F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel
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4 måneder siden
Thouraya Abdelwahed
Thouraya Abdelwahed 14 timer siden
I think the mini RONALDO is the best
Meshari M10j
Meshari M10j 14 timer siden
Do you messy
Nihat Rustemli
Nihat Rustemli 15 timer siden
14 million not
ADHA ISKANDAR 15 timer siden
Win ronaldo
Jasper 15 timer siden
Haq2Brothers 15 timer siden
Would of been jezza if he didn't swap van dijk for kimmich
Haq2Brothers 15 timer siden
Geoff Blackburn
Geoff Blackburn 15 timer siden
Billy would win
Rob U
Rob U 15 timer siden
Billy I think
Edilbert Marwein
Edilbert Marwein 15 timer siden
I love messi because she know to score a goal
Amir mahdi Moghadami
Amir mahdi Moghadami 15 timer siden
Takalo Shema
Takalo Shema 15 timer siden
Rashfords team is better
Lewis EFL
Lewis EFL 15 timer siden
Billy at the end 😫 me at the end 😂
chaching213 15 timer siden
love the editing of this vid
Koj Haniya
Koj Haniya 15 timer siden
Where can I buy that machine
Charlie Brannigan
Charlie Brannigan 15 timer siden
Jasper 15 timer siden
Bobby Bew
Bobby Bew 16 timer siden
Neymar Jr
Санжар Эргешов
Эх вот с чего все начиналось
Radovan Drozd
Radovan Drozd 16 timer siden
Shweta Jain
Shweta Jain 16 timer siden
Now we don’t get to see such videos f2 pls bring back such videos or maybe a part 2 of this
Cheryl Wong
Cheryl Wong 16 timer siden
I was going t plck Billy's team but I can't with Szczenylol
Tigran Mec
Tigran Mec 16 timer siden
Van Dijk 85?🗿
Alfred Pebam
Alfred Pebam 16 timer siden
1:40 it's just incredible
Jashesh Ramchurn
Jashesh Ramchurn 16 timer siden
jack collett
jack collett 17 timer siden
Liverpool away kit
Márk Szűcs
Márk Szűcs 17 timer siden
next time use ur fist against him. punch him in the face. 100% u guys win. :)
Fathima minha
Fathima minha 17 timer siden
Harshvardhan singh Rathore
Tony kroos no doubt
Ghost 17 timer siden
jezza got this one🔥
Ayyan Khan
Ayyan Khan 17 timer siden
OmG so good kepers is good I mean you are to goodc:
Nora Mirorales
Nora Mirorales 17 timer siden
I got rashford in my fifa
Jafar Pv
Jafar Pv 17 timer siden
Jafar Pv
Jafar Pv 18 timer siden
Remruatkima Kawlni
Remruatkima Kawlni 18 timer siden
Youtuber Telmuun
Youtuber Telmuun 18 timer siden
Fort block1231
Fort block1231 18 timer siden
Lampard Sinc
Lampard Sinc 18 timer siden
the keeper is not even trying
Maurizio Fiori
Maurizio Fiori 18 timer siden
I love ronaldo
Amjad Ali
Amjad Ali 18 timer siden
CR7 Has The Best Collection Cuz I lIke Bugatti Chiron
URtypicalNerd 20 timer siden
I it just me or is ronaldinho plyaing in af1 xD
ANA Andrade
ANA Andrade 20 timer siden
AthanIDontKnow 20 timer siden
Who else was cracking up from 9:43 🤣😂🤣😂
Omar on 30fps
Omar on 30fps 20 timer siden
Penaldo only makes goals from inside
Aarav Kumar
Aarav Kumar 20 timer siden
Billy's team is stronger
URtypicalNerd 20 timer siden
Lol the penalty pass wouldn't work for 8 year olds 🤣
Basch Fon Rosenburg
Basch Fon Rosenburg 20 timer siden
Did it go in the small net behind the goal? I mean still would be impressive... I guess
Maremi Sangi
Maremi Sangi 21 time siden
Why you're don't do Brent rivera
camstrong kid
camstrong kid 21 time siden
Bro you used tape Ngl you had me there
Kendell Young
Kendell Young 21 time siden
Billy has the best team but i dont like the formation
Adam Nada
Adam Nada 22 timer siden
Team Jezza
Axel Natanael
Axel Natanael 22 timer siden
Yt Q
Yt Q 22 timer siden
You no real
Store House Ministries
Store House Ministries 22 timer siden
I love Ronaldo
ليفاي IRAQ
ليفاي IRAQ 22 timer siden
Jordyn Monge
Jordyn Monge 22 timer siden
Barcelona did the best fouls
leah gaming
leah gaming 22 timer siden
Marjan Salimi
Marjan Salimi 22 timer siden
What about newmar
Mr Saeen
Mr Saeen 22 timer siden
Did you guyz pick Kariaus in Thr Goal?
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 22 timer siden
زربه يحط لايك
Nyasha Maphosah
Nyasha Maphosah 22 timer siden
Wow it is so unbelievable that he actually survived
Nyasha Maphosah
Nyasha Maphosah 23 timer siden
It is so funny.But I don’t actually believe that billy lasted 24hours in that cabinet
يزن الحديثي
يزن الحديثي 23 timer siden
مين جاي من سنة 2021 لو بس اني وحدي
مصعب غزوان غزوان
منو عربي
Denis Hristov
Denis Hristov 23 timer siden
I know where messi is a guess correctly
JAMEELA Abdulla 23 timer siden
Me who cant even afford one of them
Chinaedum Ukaobasi
Chinaedum Ukaobasi 23 timer siden
The one u forgot is corner taken quickly
فريد فوزي
فريد فوزي 23 timer siden
I like Ronaldo
Alan Thespider
Alan Thespider Dag siden
Bill put Toni in goal
super default
super default Dag siden
هو انت مسلم انا سمعتك بتال باسم الله
Michael Jordanov
Mane is so good
Michael Jordanov
I love ronaldo
Michael Jordanov
I love these videos
super default
super default Dag siden
انا مصري وهنشوف كل الحركت ده اادر اعمله وهنزل مقاطع كل حرك اعمل فيقط انا عندي تمن سنين
Maaz khalid
Maaz khalid Dag siden
Nice bro
Jorge Velázquez
This aged very bad
petar yordanov
petar yordanov Dag siden
Nice video like always. It is just a pleasure to the eyes to watch u guys. And by the way can you try and play next time with the Nike Mercurial 8 Pro FG football boots? Just asking. They are my favorites. Just saying. And also can u guys give me ur opinion about the European SuperLeague if u have time? Ur opinion is important. And greetings from Bulgaria 🇧🇬
LNR Z0DIHAK Dag siden
The thumbnail has Ian Wright is the angry ones opponent but in the video it’s the bearded one
Ali Gezer
Ali Gezer Dag siden
Please Put Turkish Subtitle I Am Turkish
R4ACTIONM4N Dag siden
u can see there reg numbers