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F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel
F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel
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Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel! F2Freestylers Billy Wingrove \u0026 Jeremy Lynch present you best match-play tutorials, live performances, football entertainment, pranks and banter! Subscribe to us to keep up to date with all of our new videos!
5 måneder siden
leo icovino
leo icovino 16 timer siden
Sick vid and also those x17.1 ghost lace are my favorite cleats of all time. I own a pare and there so comfy and light . There amazing
Nati Feye
Nati Feye 17 timer siden
I love ronaldo
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson 17 timer siden
Aston marton
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson 17 timer siden
Chouaib Chouaib
Chouaib Chouaib 17 timer siden
الفنان بن رحمة
Nancy Tracy
Nancy Tracy 17 timer siden
Best I have ever seen in f2
Roshan Mathew
Roshan Mathew 17 timer siden
the amount of times i have seen this on my reccomended
Ned Hunt
Ned Hunt 17 timer siden
Jezz picked better in my opinion
paul wheatley
paul wheatley 17 timer siden
team billy
Mikel Omondi
Mikel Omondi 17 timer siden
Plasm Pabs
Plasm Pabs 18 timer siden
TSC777 18 timer siden
should have trained with soucek, rice, lingard and fabianski in goal but u chose some of the shittest players in the sqaud except benrahma
Cayden S
Cayden S 18 timer siden
I thought this video was awsome.
Tracy Kavanagh
Tracy Kavanagh 18 timer siden
Ball hog tbh
2side mxrnzz
2side mxrnzz 19 timer siden
This song got remixed u know the fortnite one
Lulama Ngcobo
Lulama Ngcobo 19 timer siden
Guy's try using the team s you've got and play with it in FIFA
Khalifa M
Khalifa M 19 timer siden
Prank WTF
Prank WTF 19 timer siden
Beatiful is the best footbal
Mack Providence
Mack Providence 19 timer siden
Son speak English
PaatrixHH 19 timer siden
Messi still better
Rezles Ways
Rezles Ways 19 timer siden
POV your still waiting for the other video with dude perfect
Miah KAWSAR 19 timer siden
Aras Polat
Aras Polat 19 timer siden
The gaming zone of crew
My favourite was the yacht and the bugatti veyron
Monidipto Mukherjee
Monidipto Mukherjee 19 timer siden
I love the chemistry between them, how they appreciate each other.😀😀😀
Mohamed iqram Mohamed thameem
The gaming zone of crew
Neymars, CRISTIANO and Ibrahim movicks colection
Faisal Sweasss
Faisal Sweasss 20 timer siden
courtois lost against his old club and masine mount scored the winning goal
Maalik Abdelsalam
Maalik Abdelsalam 20 timer siden
The best goalie is the one with blond he’s always at the camera and the back
Olz Kuc
Olz Kuc 20 timer siden
Faisal Sweasss
Faisal Sweasss 20 timer siden
and post more match attax vidoes
Faisal Sweasss
Faisal Sweasss 20 timer siden
how did you get so good in football because i want to be like messi
Ishaan Uella
Ishaan Uella 20 timer siden
Why did NOsections recommended this 8 years later
Bestgamer Boy
Bestgamer Boy 20 timer siden
When jez got bale billy looked like he wanted to jump out the window 🤣
Hào Nguyễn
Hào Nguyễn 20 timer siden
Abby Bennett
Abby Bennett 20 timer siden
Billy's because jezzas has no defens
Lola Oyebowale
Lola Oyebowale 20 timer siden
Rashford and Jessa
Hari Messi
Hari Messi 20 timer siden
You guys are just awesome. Like you are my coach or mentor. 😊😊😊
Ian Locke Ian Locke
Ian Locke Ian Locke 20 timer siden
Ronald is best
One boy gaming
One boy gaming 21 time siden
Billy being weird for 2020 to 2021 for david silva like if you agree
Jessie 21 time siden
exotitmatt t
exotitmatt t 21 time siden
I only got the last right
al keanu
al keanu 21 time siden
im indonesia
Abhishek Rao
Abhishek Rao 21 time siden
They have to do training session to beat the training session exercises of ronaldo 😁😁😂😂😂
Maduka Hunter
Maduka Hunter 21 time siden
Press RT
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo 21 time siden
Me ronaldo me is the winner because i win 6 points but messi wins 5 points
Ra Ka
Ra Ka 22 timer siden
I guess u had fun slapping him with a fisg😂😂
ЅHᎯBEEBUDHEEN 22 timer siden
Mini Messi❤️
Art3Mix 22 timer siden
ronaldo forever jezza wins
John Mahoney
John Mahoney 22 timer siden
Kane should totally should’ve been in the TOP 3!!!!!!!!!!!!L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L
Amar Nouh
Amar Nouh 22 timer siden
Saidobidkhon Saydivaliyev
Sid Hobbs
Sid Hobbs 22 timer siden
Billy but we'll done
John Mahoney
John Mahoney 22 timer siden
You totally should’ve put Kane in there. He is a legend! I’m a Spurs fan.
Faze blaze yt
Faze blaze yt 23 timer siden
king 1
king 1 23 timer siden
We love arat im persian❤️
Joes Mensink
Joes Mensink 23 timer siden
P McE 23 timer siden
Ayaan Ali
Ayaan Ali 23 timer siden
5:34 goal
Akhil Gurtu 6D
Akhil Gurtu 6D 23 timer siden
neymar is a so called dribbler his dribbles are skills not actual dribble
Michael Erasmus
Michael Erasmus 23 timer siden
I think Billys team is better.
musa ahmed•ff
musa ahmed•ff 23 timer siden
Bushrx7 gamer
Bushrx7 gamer 23 timer siden
Billy and Marcus
中嶋知子 23 timer siden
i love ronaldo
中嶋知子 23 timer siden
Leslie Mnolo
Leslie Mnolo Dag siden
Ball:* knuckleballs on the ground* Me: U high
only DORA
only DORA Dag siden
ماكو عرب هنا 😂
Rawan M Al-Quraishi
Team billy ronaldo
Yourjailbreakguy gaming
lol nice
Rawan M Al-Quraishi
Rashford team
Billy's team
stuart danbury
stuart danbury Dag siden
Bills team in st is the best. Jezz team is the best
בטיש עילי
Wow the red team really sucks.
احمد الهلالي
Ovuthyeqdhjhgg thghth
Jon Dag siden
2021 still watching this video since I like f2 videos
Sharif Faraji
Sharif Faraji Dag siden
Alexander Lines
Alexander Lines Dag siden
I would love to meet you guys I live in NZ so that ain't happerning
Vozifyyy Dag siden
I swear that reff is on tango fc side